EnvironFocus Knowledge Transfer (EKT) Program

EnvironFocus Knowledge Transfer (EKT)

The EnvironFocus Knowledge Transfer (EKT) Program is a subset of EKCEP for schools unable to commit to the nine weeks timeframe of EKCEP.

EKT Program Description

Industry professionals speak to students in Grades 4-12 on ways to successfully implement sustainability projects in their local community while meeting United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. With extensive business experience in North America and Africa provides insight into sustainable actions and development; designing, developing and/or implementing sustainability projects; and meeting United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These sessions enhance the learning for those students who are currently working on a sustainability action project or are looking to hear from professionals in the industry. Sessions may also touch on careers in green/environment industries, advice on how to succeed in the field and women in science.


To foster leaders in global action; to develop self-efficacy within students in understanding their role in UN SDG’s; to empower students to become active community members toward change.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will enhance their understanding of UN SDG’s and better apply it to their own community project/learning
Students will hear from Black female professional who will provide insight into real world applications
Students will learn careers in sustainability projects/green industries

Program Locations:

Interested Schools; also available via video-conferencing


As scheduled

School / Participant Selection Criteria:

Grades 4-12

Fee Schedule

Fees: $1500 per Session paid by School. IF per session, Each session is (1 hour) amount of time for (30) number of participants. Programming scheduled in excess of the agreed time and number of participants will be charged at multiples of this base price point, as agreed by both parties.