The Zero Hunger Fundraiser – EKCEP 2021

The Zero Hunger Fundraiser – EKCEP 2021

The students from St. Patrick’s College, Awka, Nigeria in our EnvironFocus Knowledge and Culture Exchange Program have started fundraising to build an Aquaponics food system in their school to feed their community. 

Aquaponics is fish farming with hydroponics (growing plants in water) whereby waste from the fish tank becomes food for the plants.

They need your financial assistance towards achieving a sustainable community with access to nutritious foods by:

  • Building an Aquaponics system in the college and for the benefits of the community where their school is located
  • Having a productive farm which will help to provide food for the students and the community members.
  • Feed the students at lunch intervals.
  • Sell at a reduced rate to the community members

As students who have the knowledge of Aquaponics, they wish to utilize this knowledge to provide and make food available to their community which will help them curb hunger and live healthier. The fundraiser will help them buy fish, fish tanks, air pump with air stones, PVC piping with fittings, Uniseals and or bulkheads, Siphons, Rockwool seed starting cubes, Seed starting trays, Water testing kits, EC or TDS meter, etc. to build an Aquaponics food system.

They have raised $245! Help them reach their goal of $2,500 by donating [Click Here]. Last day to donate is June 23rd. We appreciate your valuable contributions!

Check out their Video Campaign Below and Click Donate Now to go to their Go Fund Me Page.

Help Empower their Community!

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